Hiring Marketer/Marketig Company for New Website

Briefing Mypafway’s auto part search engine is the leading provider of online marketing services for automotive part merchants. Mypafway specializes in the buying, selling and searching of automotive parts and accessories online, using new and existing technology. Job Requirements Marketing Team/ Marketer Help handle marketing and sales functions. Help lead and coordinated the strategic planning functions of the companyHelp advertise company products and services through SEO (Off Page SEO and On Page SEO) and SEM Help build customer loyalty program using e-mail marketing techniques (engaging post transaction with the customer)Communicate company information using sophisticated marketing techniques (Online marketing or offline… (Read More)



Rexing USA

Rexing USA, a leading supplier and distributor in car or dash cams, has added a new line of wireless cameras and monitors to its performance proven range of cameras systems. The new cameras are ideal for use on vehicles where long cable lengths are not preferred. Rexing USA new cameras and monitors feature a unique technology that allows for simple installation and setup of the system. The cameras are built to handle rugged operation in the harshest conditions. From a B2B perspective, using our applications will enable your clients to increase their purchasing power of said consumers on multiple applications…. (Read More)



What the Heck is Going on With Mypafway?

I appreciate the support from our loyal followers and our clients. In attempt to battle against our competitors, whether it be Amazon or Alibaba, etc. we’ve studied and mastered the illusion of self-worth and created a brand-new sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is the emancipation of a brand-new website with new functionality and design. I know what your thinking, “here we go again with the talk…” However, to get a sense of where we’re headed with our team, it’s time to revolutionize the industry stronghold, and develop something that is timeless in terms of UI experience and overall… (Read More)
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Mypafway's mission is to ensure the competitiveness of auto parts industry, so that consumers have choice of auto parts, receive quality and cheap auto parts online, at competitive prices.