Why Should I Use Mypafway?

  1. We upload your product offerings online, promote your business through our website and pull in targeted traffic to your business (i.e., website). Simple yet, effective!
  2. Our primary purpose is the transfer of product information (inventory) in a cost-effective manner so that your time is spent on serving your customers and growing your business.
  3. Datafeed Integration – We integrate part inventory within the search engines and format it into data feeds for public viewing online.
  4. We push your product offerings online and pull in traffic to your establishment.

Increase Sales/Profits

Comparison Shopping Engines are a critical part of any successful multi-channel e-commerce strategy. It will outline how merchants can better communicate product offerings to consumers. Comparison shopping engines (CSE’s) represent a very cost-effective way to get your products and brands in front of millions of shoppers. Today over 40% of in-store and on-line purchases start at a comparison-shopping engine making them a compelling and important channel for merchants. Printing costs limit the number of copies and even issues a publication can produce. By eliminating those costs, your number of issues, issue length, and audience are unlimited.