Data Feed Integration

For now Internet users want information. Therefore, the Mypafway’s primary purpose should be the transfer of important company and product information in a cost-effective manner.  It should be viewed that Mypafway is a complementary medium that supports communication strategies that are implemented by traditional media.  Organizations should provide information that people will benefit from and perceive to be valuable.  It should be provided on the assumption that it will create goodwill, brand interest and in the future, some sort of purchase.  If the primary goal is to deliver useful information, the typical Internet user wants to be entertained in the process.  To satisfy this need, organizations should view some entertainment as useful, but it should not overshadow the information that is there to help build a business.  As well, the company must learn how to present information effectively online.

While the ultimate goal of most forms is to motivate the purchase of a brand online, Mypafway is useful for…

  1. Creating brand awareness
  2. Stimulating interest and preference
  3. Providing a means to make a purchase
  4. Providing a means to contact an advertiser
  5. Acquiring data about real/potential consumers